Petra 3 Day Extension




Land of Eternal Mystery: Petra Jordan
Sunday, February 17 to Wednesday, February 20
Petra Jordan

Why extend your Egypt trip 3 more days?  With its magnificent ruby sandstone formations and the sprawling ancient architecture, Petra Jordan is designed to take your breath away. It’s easy to spend these three days to appreciate the rich historical wonder around you. Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.  Nobody can ever prepare you for the beauty that is in Petra!

International round trip flight Cairo-Jordan
Private ground transportation AC Van
2 Night 4* hotel Petra
1 Night 4* hotel Ammen
2 breakfast, 3 dinners
2-Day pass to Petra
Entrance fee to Petra Night Show
Private guided tour of Petra

Black Friday Sale: $795 (expired 11/25)
Base Price: $895
$100 deposit to reserve your spot! (full payment due 11/11)

Not included: Lunches and snacks, travel insurance, Jordan visa ($57usd upon arrival), horse or donkey, camel ride (optional)

Sunday, February 17: Depart to Petra Jordan
After breakfast at our Cairo hotel, we'll transfer to the airport for our morning flight to Assam Jordan, arriving in mid morning.  Upon arrival we'll transfer 3hrs to Petra, stopping for lunch on the way.

After checking into our hotel, we'll visit the small town of Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses).  Here there will be wonderful opportunity to experience the local culture.  Here is a good place to sample local foods, shop the food stalls and search for souvenirs.

Monday, February 18: Full Day Petra & "Petra Night Show"
After and early breakfast we will start our full day visit of PETRA (the capital of the ancient Nabatean kingdom).  The long-lost city of Petra is carved entirely by man into rose-red sandstone rocks and puts your imagination to the test.  It’s a mystic and glorious place, an eternal tribute to a lost civilization. .

Petra was the central meeting point of the Nabatean spice routes. This is originated from the Persian Gulf, Western Arabia and the Red Sea. About two thousand years ago Petra became the capital of the Nabatean Empire. The city was so renowned that one of its kings, Arêtes IV, is even mentioned in the Bible. The natural richness of the mountainous area combines in a superb way with the refined culture and massive architecture of the Nabatean, who carved their theater, temples, facades, tombs, monasteries, houses and roads entirely into the rose-red sandstone rocks. No wonder UNESCO placed Petra on its World Heritage List!

One enters Petra by passing the Siq, a deep and narrow gorge, at the end of which all of a sudden dramatically appears the most famous monument in Petra: al-Khazneh or the Treasury and Monastery.  Hidden high in the hills, the Monastery is one of the legendary monuments of Petra. Similar in design to the Treasury but far bigger (50m wide and 45m high), it was built in the 3rd century BC as a Nabatean tomb. It derives its name from the crosses carved on the inside walls, suggestive of its use as a church in Byzantine times. The ancient rock-cut path of more than 800 steps starts from the Nabatean Museum and follows the old processional route)

Archaeologists reported that only 15% of the ancient has been discovered – the vast majority are still left untouched underground. Just recently, a massive monument was discovered hiding underneath what is now declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The monument is twice as wide as an Olympic-sized swimming pool and excavation is on its way. There’s still a lot to see in Petra and the anticipation only grows as to what scholars will discover next in this marvelous ancient city.

After dinner at the hotel, prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience when you avail of the “Petra Night Show” where you will get to explore the city after dark and with the aid of 1,500 lighted candles.

Tuesday, February 19: Petra to Amman
After breakfast, you'll have a free day to revisit Petra on your own.  Here you can see what you may have missed the day prior, or perhaps you'd like to take that camel ride you've been thinking of!   After our revisit to Petra, we'll start our transfer drive to our Amman with lunch stop on the way.  Once we arrive our hotel we'll stay for dinner and overnight.

Wednesday, February 20: Early Departure to Cairo & USA
Our flight in Amman will be very early to Cairo, arriving to Cairo with plenty of time to check in for our international flight.
We'll arrive to NYC on Wednesday afternoon at 3pm.


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