About Us

Starting Circle the World came from a life of passion involving the love of culture, adventure, and bringing people together. After working as a NYC Middle School Special Education teacher, Teresa decided to make a career change that she felt could change the lives of others through a different means-traveling. Now, after living in NYC for over 12yrs, Teresa has traveled to over 50 countries across the globe leading group trips, and writing countless travel itineraries.

Whether it's a day or a multi-sport trip of, kayaking, hiking, biking, an island hopping trip in the Grenadines, or a safari trip in South Africa, Teresa wants to show others what the world has to offer.

The joy of bringing people together, discovering those "hidden treasures" or trying something new, has shown Teresa that travel experiences can change people's lives through growth, learning, and of course-having fun!

C The World With Us!